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Pheno-hunting is one of the final stages of plant breeding, wherein
seeds from a cross are grown, and desirable qualities are selected for
(female plants, beautiful bud etc). Our team strives to continually discover and grow the best varieties in Oregon, eager to provide flower in which everyone can find their new favorite. 

Cherry Banana Split

Bred by: Relentless Genetics

Banana OG x Cherry Cookies

Angular, dense, dark green and purple flowers. Hints of banana off the top with a fruity finish.

LA Beatnik

Bred by: Seed Junky

Kush Mints x Seed Junky OG

Large, round, Kush Mints-dominant flowers. Doughy-forward finishing with sour notes. 

Mandarin Sunshine

Bred by: Microbe Alchemist

Poison Mimosa F2 (Durban Poison x (Clementine x Purple Punch))


Spunky buds reminiscent of fireworks or dragons. Smooth hits of jasmine and citrus.

Sparkling Lime

Bred by: SinCity Seeds

Lime Skunk x White Nightmare


Flower that truly embodies its name; the lime soda smell will have your mind expecting a tickle from the fizz. A reliable, day-time, adventure bud.

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